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Readers Respond: Do You Have an Example of a Metaphor?

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From the article: Metaphor Examples
Help us add to our collection of metaphor examples by adding your favorite example of a metaphor here. We'll take similes, too, but you might note it to remind others of the difference.


The snarling dog was a flashing red light that shouted "STOP"
—Guest sofie

My Metaphors

A lot of metaphors can be found in books or poems, where I usually find them is in childrens books. I can vaguley remember a few from junicor high, here I go. -Your Room Is A Pigsty -The Gatekeeper was a rock -Her eyes were the sky -You are the sunshine of my life. Err.. Thats all :) Hope a few helped hehe
—Guest EmoOctober


dont leave ya wife around me u know i split marriages/ i stunt so hard the mic thought i threw a brick at-it/ punch lines so old u should try different jokes/ i just tell'em kiss my a** x o's/
—Guest j.throwed

Life was another of his gambles

Life was another of his gambles when Andy took the steering wheel and pulled out into the street. Just another shot at the crap game of life where the center white line was the roll of the dice stretching into a future he couldn't see, but would show itself regardless. Toss the snake eyes or wind up with eleven. Andy never knew where life's gambles would lead and, truthfully, he rarely stopped doing it...unlike his strait laced, live in the security zone brother. He blew on the inevitable dice leading him on and the white line stretched forever. Or - you can check the excellent metaphors of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I just finished reading The Beautiful and the Damned. Metaphors abound in that novel.


as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as slippery as eel as
—Guest aiman

Two more superb similes

These are from Evelyn Waugh's wonderful novel "Scoop." First: " From Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus, the line of traffic was continuous and motionless, as still as a photograph." Second: "...their |the special typewriters'] keys made no more sound than the drumming of a bishop's fingers on an upholstered prie-dieu; the telephone buzzers were muffled and purred like warm cats." Wonderful stuff I think!
—Guest PdeRL

North Pole

It was so cold penguins thought it was cold. I got that from the show I used to do. Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
—Guest Ashley Tisdale

Yet Another Simile

From Raymond Chandler: "He was breathing like an old Ford with a leaky head gasket."
—Guest PdeRL

A Mixed Metaphor

There was a series of letters concerning mixed metaphhors in the London Times. I recall the following concerning an argument between two professors: one of them accused the other of "Propping up the scaffolding of a collapsing hypothesis with a red herring"!


like a man chiefly accustomed to look inward, and to whom external matters are of little value and import, unless they bear relation to something within his mind
—Guest Llandely "El Tiburon"

Describing a feeling

I once wrote a poem for my grade nine english class. In that poem I described the feeling of hearing a voice of a god like this, "It was like a pulsating current, every time the voice spoke the current spiked delightfully." When I got it back my teacher commented saying that it made no sense. It has always bothered me because I asked for feed-back from friends and family and they all said it made sense. I guess im seeking input from strangers, the honest kind. [Psst, Eugene! This isn't really the place to give and receive feedback, but move your question to the forum: http://forums.about.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&webtag=ab-fictionwrite&lgnF=y]
—Guest Eugene

Another Simile!

I found this one in _The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle_: "There I became instantly agog at the mass of ships that lay before us, masts and spars thick as the bristles on a brush." I thought it was a wonderfully original comparison. I love Avi!
—Guest Janine

Swine Flu Metaphor

I was struck by a simile Obama used this week to explain why we hadn't closed off our border with Mexico. He said, "It would be akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out ..." I guess what struck me was how vivid and effective it was, even though most of us have rarely been around a barn, or even horses, for that matter. But I found it completely convincing, much more so than if he'd just said, "The virus is already here--what good would that do?"
—Guest Steven

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