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Technology and Fiction: Plot limitations in a more convenient world

How has the cell phone changed fiction?

How Do People "Talk" in Fiction?

How to make your dialogue believable in fiction

August Fiction Submission Deadlines: Awards and Contests

Information for Indiana Review Half-K Prize

Interview with novelist Lee Houck

An interview with writer and publisher Lee Houck.

Low-Residency MFA Programs

Low Residency MFA Programs for People who Work

Four Free and Fabulous Residencies!

Free and off-the-beaten track writing residencies.

Agencies Looking for New Fiction!

Top agencies representing literary fiction

Small Presses Looking for Fiction!

Submissions for Bellevue.

Interview with fiction writer Amy Shearn

Amy Shearn, author of THE MERMAID OF BROOKLYN, talks about writing fiction.

How to be a parent and a writer

Where did the time go? How do you both write and parent?

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