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How to Get Published


For creative people, the business end of things can be far more difficult than creating the art. Here you'll find essential information on getting your short stories published, finding an agent or editor, attending writers' conferences, and hunting down sources of funding.
  1. Publish Your Short Stories
  2. Publish Your Book
  3. Edit Your Work
  4. Money and Writing

Publish Your Short Stories

Nothing is more validating for a writer than seeing his or her work in print. Nevertheless, the process can be daunting. The articles below will help you implement a system for sending work out without letting the inevitable rejections get you down.

Publish Your Book

You've written your novel, and now face the work of getting it published. These interviews, profiles, and articles will help you get to know the market, discover what editors and agents want, and present your work -- and yourself -- in the most professional manner possible.

Edit Your Work

The most important thing you can do before sending your writing anywhere is to really edit your work. This means getting a decent style guide and finding some good readers. If you're not ready for criticism, this may be a sign that you're not ready to take this next step.

Money and Writing

While you try to get published and build a name for yourself, you've still got to pay the rent. These resources explore other ways of earning money as a writer and discuss how to best use money once you get it.

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