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Learn more about the key elements of fiction, such as characterization, point of view, and dialogue, even as you find the time, the writing space, and the community that will sustain your work over time.
  1. The Craft of Writing
  2. The Writing Life
  3. Writing Spaces
  1. Exercises and Prompts
  2. Resources for Beginning Writers
  3. Publishing Your Work

The Craft of Writing

Though you have intuited many aspects of craft through reading or even high school literature classes, as you work on stories or novels, you will learn to approach the elements of fiction as a writer, not a reader. Review the fundamental building blocks of fiction now, to have them fresh in your mind as you write -- or just know that these articles are here should you get stuck during the writing process.

The Writing Life

In addition to working on craft, you'll want to devote some time and energy to forging a life that will support your writing in the long-term. After all, it's not always easy to focus on a craft while living in a culture that places a high premium on money and outward success.

Writing Spaces

Ideally we'd all have that room of our own, but sometimes that's just not an option. But lack of space should never keep you from writing. These suggestions will help you overcome space issues.

Exercises and Prompts

Whether you're looking for inspiration or you want to work on a specific element of craft or technique, there's a prompt or exercise in this collection to help.

Resources for Beginning Writers

Any worry, problem, or concern you could possibly have is shared and has been addressed somewhere. There's a wealth of resources available to help, including the FAQs below, books on writing, and writing classes.

Publishing Your Work


How do you get started? Below are some links to articles that will help you get your writing out there!


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