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Everything you need to start writing now.
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Know Your Theme
A different way of examining theme in fiction and how knowing yours can improve your writing.

How to Get Story Ideas for Fiction Writing
The truth about where great story ideas come from and how you can learn to generate more of them than you could ever use.

Writing Class -- How Did You Find Your Writing Class?
A writing class is one of the best ways to find a writing community, but how do you find a class and a teacher you know will be worthwhile? Read tips from other writers and add your own.

How to Be a Writer -- What Makes a "Real" Writer?
"If you want to be a writer," Stephen King says, "you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot." Are there other things that make a person a writer? Share what you think.

How to Be a Writer
Some years ago, a friend I had not spoken to for several years called me up to ask how she could become a "real" writer. That desire to be a writer was so strong in her, but I didn't know how to answer. I didn't understand that her fear -- of failure, of embarrassment, of simply being wrong about her abilities -- outweighed her desire. Struggling with my own doubts and fears, I didn't know what t…

How to Find a Writing Class
A writing class is one of the best ways to find a writing community, but how do you find a class and a teacher you know will be worthwhile? These tips will help you conduct your search.

Basic Plot
It may seem elementary, but creating a sturdy plot is the most important part of writing a short story. Understanding the elements of plot will help you craft your own stories effectively.

Finding Short Story Ideas
Sometimes the hardest part about writing is getting started. These exercises and prompts will provide a jumping-off point when you're feeling stuck or uninspired.

Make Time to Write
In today's busy world, all kinds of things compete for our energy, time, and attention. It takes discipline and determination to make a writing life happen, but it can be done.

Books for Beginning Writers
With so many books for writers out there it can be hard to know where to start. These reviews of some classic and recent books will help you decide which are right for you.

Find a Writing Space
Lack of space should never keep you from writing. Read here for suggestions on overcoming writing space issues.

Top 10 Writers' Rooms
Not every writer has a quiet space at home where he or she can work. Fortunately writers rooms offer affordable spaces in which to work, and even find community.

The Truth in Fiction
How do you make fiction read like non-fiction? How can you make your fiction believable? Advice for writers.

How to Give a Good Reading
Thoughts and tips on giving a good literary reading.

When is the right time to write your story?
When should you write a story based on experience?

New Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers
New prompts for creative writers

So You Call Yourself a Writer?
What makes a person a writer?

Short-short Stories Wanted - Magazines Currently Taking Submissions - June
Literary magazines featuring flash fiction currently accepting submissions.

Experimental Fiction Magazines
Where should you submit your experimental fiction?

"Clearing Your Throat": thoughts on the act and emotion of editing
Thoughts on editing and the act of cutting your words to benefit your story.

Four Free and Fabulous Residencies!
Free and off-the-beaten track writing residencies.

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