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The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

Share Your Story: Writing Prompt Challenge for December-January

By jScott


To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if this falls within the guidelines of this prompt. But after looking through posts that had already been submitted, and seeing the variety, I decided to send it in anyway.

I had just finished watching that Looney Tunes episode where Daffy Duck somehow lays a golden egg and so that phrase "The goose that laid the golden egg" was stuck in my head as I sat down to write. It's nothing terribly profound (in fact, one could argue the only terrible thing is the rhyming!), but I had fun writing it. It was certainly something different than what I normally do.

Your Submission

The goose discontent with his lot in life sought a reprieve from the daily “strife” of living simply on a family farm, a quaint complex of idyllic charm.

He spent many hours deep in thought until he came up with a brilliant plot. The goose would lay the golden egg: but that goose would never be the same.

Once offered up a valued orb, his life would be the same no more and all other eggs in comparison would pale, for a normal product did equal a fail.

The farmer would pressure his bird to perform a duty he’s never expected before. Greed found a home in the depths of his soul and he’ll take all he can no matter the toll.

All the other geese will readily pretend to be that goose’s dearest friend. And flattery will never cease in hopes their own fortune would increase.

And so it goes for many years yet. A reprieve from it all the goose will not get because one single egg is never enough; two dozen, even fifty would earn a rebuff.

Finally the goose is withered and old. His eggs no longer have the luster of gold. Now all alone is the end result of a “better” life which he willingly bought

More is expected from those given much and for that goose it was as such. Those who aspire to material wealth may find along the way they sacrifice self.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned how beneficial it can be to write about something completely random. Often times I sit down to write with a particular plot or storyline in mind, not just a single phrase. It forced me to exercise my imagination.

Ginny Wiehardt, About.com Fiction Writing, says:

I think it fits within the guidelines just fine. Thanks for submitting it.

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