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Overcoming Obstacles to Writing

Many difficulties can keep a writer from writing, including writer's block, a lack of time, rejection, and the frustration of revision. There are practical things a writer can do at any stage of his or her career to keep writing despite the obstacles.

Finding the Time to Write
Every writer complains that they'd write more if they only had the time. This article tells writers how to find the time to write everyday.

Overcoming Writer's Block
Though some people say that writer’s block doesn’t actually exist, the fact remains that most writers will have trouble writing at some point in their careers. Fortunately there are as many solutions to writer's block as there are causes.

I Know I've Got Writer's Block When . . .
Almost all of us have had it at one time or another, that horrible inability to write. How do you know when you're blocked? Share your stories here.

A Place to Write
Ideally we'd all have that room of our own, but sometimes that's just not an option. But lack of space should never keep you from writing. Read here for suggestions on how to overcome space issues.

Top Writers' Rooms
Writers' rooms offer affordable alternatives for urban writers who don't have space and quiet at home.

Writing and Money
Even as you try to publish your work and make a name for yourself, you still have to pay the rent. These resources will help you think about different ways to make money and provide tips on investing wisely when it does come.

Writers' Rooms in NYC
Looking for room to write in the Big Apple? These writers' rooms provide quiet spaces and often something just as precious in NYC -- community.

Take a Mini Writing Retreat
Time alone in a new or beloved place does wonders for your writing. Julia Cameron calls these mini-retreats "artist dates," and they're essential to creativity. See submissions

The Truth in Fiction
How do you make fiction read like non-fiction? Exercises for creative writers.

How to Give a Good Reading
Thoughts and tips on giving a good literary reading.

Mouths in a White Room
How to describe physical space in a piece of fiction

When is the right time to write your story?
When should you write a story based on experience?

Tragedy and Disease in Fiction
How should death and disease be handled in fiction?

New Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers
New prompts for creative writers

Dos and Don'ts of Submitting to a Literary Magazine
How to submit to literary magazines

Interview with fiction writer Sara Lippmann
Interview with author Sara Lippmann on her upcoming book of short stories DOLL PALACE.

So You Call Yourself a Writer?
What makes a person a writer?

Writing About Sex vs. Writing About Erotica
What is the difference between erotica and writing about sex?

Short-short Stories Wanted - Magazines Currently Taking Submissions - June
Literary magazines featuring flash fiction currently accepting submissions.

"Clearing Your Throat": thoughts on the act and emotion of editing
Thoughts on editing and the act of cutting your words to benefit your story.

How to be a parent and a writer
Where did the time go? How do you both write and parent?

Four Free and Fabulous Residencies!
Free and off-the-beaten track writing residencies.

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