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Pictures to Use as Writing Prompts


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Pictures to Use as Writing Prompts

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Choose one of these images to use as a writing prompt for a freewriting session. Ideally, you'll develop one of the ideas generated by your freewriting session into a short story.

A reader named Adam C. described how this played out for him in a creative writing class in which each student was given a different photo to write about. Adam writes, "The picture I was given portrayed an elderly couple, holding hands, looking off to the left of the camera lens. There was a large boat in the background. This prompted me to write about the couple as though they had just come from their home in Europe to join their son in America. There is a feeling of fear and isolation in the photo, and this was the best way I could think to translate it into words."

(More instructions for this creative writing exercise are also outlined in a how-to.)

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