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How to Format Short Stories for Publication


How to Format Short Stories for Publication

Correct Short Story Format

Editors expect to find certain information on each short story that is submitted. For example, they want to see at a glance if your story is the right length for their journal, so it's common practice to include the word count at the top of the story. And you want to make sure that your contact info is on the story in case your cover letter gets lost. Format your short story correctly following these rules:

  1. Type your name, address, email address, and phone number in the upper left margin, and the word count in the upper right margin.
  2. Tab down a few lines and type the title, centered.
  3. Use 12 point font and double space. Do not include illustrations -- nothing will mark you as an amateur faster.
  4. Number your pages. You might also put your last name in the footer.
  5. And finally, use a quality printer to print out your stories.
It also helps to keep a supply of envelopes, paper, stamps, and printer ink on hand. Make multiple copies of your short stories. It's much easier to do this kind of administrative work if you have all the materials ready.

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