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How to Submit Stories to Ploughshares


How to Submit Stories to Ploughshares


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Ploughshares Overview:

As a journal that early on recognized the value of writers such as Thomas Lux, John Irving, Russell Banks, Sue Miller, Mona Simpson, Ethan Canin, Tim O’Brien, Robert Pinsky, and Jayne Anne Phillips, Ploughshares has earned the respect it enjoys in the American literary scene. Ploughshares is not edgy or provocative, but each issue delivers solid writing.

Published three times a year, every issue of Ploughshares is guest-edited by a prominent writer. (Fortunately, the journal requires that a certain percentage of the published work be unsolicited.) Established in 1971, they have a circulation of 6,000.

Opening Paragraphs from "Honeymoon" by Barbara Dimmick:

They glowed, the first day after their wedding, like planets in the morning sky, and their movements, no matter the task—packing gifts, choosing deli sandwiches, examining the map—were stately and serene.

The second day, in the car, she said she was homesick. For their wedding, of all things. “It went too fast.” He lifted a hand from the steering wheel and playfully traced a heart on her thigh with his fingertip. “This time two days ago,” he said, “what were we doing?”

Submit Stories to Ploughshares:

The editors read submissions from June 1 to January 15 (postmark dates); work received at any other time will be returned unread. Mail submissions to: Ploughshares, Emerson College, 120 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116-4624 or submit online. Expect 3-5 months to pass before you receive a response. Pays $25/printed page, $50 minimum per title, $250 maximum per author, with two copies of the issue and a one-year subscription.

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