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How to Submit Work to Fence Magazine


Fence, An Overview:

Begun in the late 90s by graduates of the University of Iowa's MFA program, Fence created a place for the writers who took up where the language poets left off. But while the writing in Fence could be described as experimental, there's often an academic edge to it: this isn't sloppy or self-indulgent work. Their board of directors includes people like Annie Dillard and Jonathan Galassi, so while the writing may be experimental, they clearly have well-established support.

Writing Sample from "Annunciation" by Etel Adnan:

He stared at his cup of coffee which had lost all its luster, all its heat, with utter contempt, the poor little inanimate object not understanding what was going on in his mind, and after complaining that it felt too hot in my place, he inquired if I had known his mother long before his birth and if she married his father out of convenience or love and did not wait for an answer being sure that there was none, given that she was barely fifteen when the wedding took place in the village church...

How to Submit to Fence:

Fence publishes poetry, prose, criticism, art, and genre-bending work. They have a wonderful system for online submissions, and they respond in a fairly timely manner. In 2001, they launched Fence Books, offering their writers a larger stage for their writing.

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