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What You Need to Know About HarperCollins


What You Need to Know About HarperCollins

HarperCollins Author Phillip Margolin

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HarperCollins Basics:

HarperCollins was founded in New York City in 1817 by the brothers James and John Harper and is now a subsidiary of News Corporation. (It became HarperCollins when News Corporation acquired William Collins & Sons in 1990.) Imprints include Avon, Harper Perennial, William Morrow, and Amistad. Among their authors are Vikram Chandra, Louise Erdrich, Wally Lamb, and Phillip Margolin.

Fiction at HarperCollins:

As with Random House and Penguin, HarperCollins tends to publish fairly mainstream literary fiction. But each of HarperCollins’s imprints, or subsidiary presses, has its own flavor, so it's hard to characterize the press as a whole.

Submit to HarperCollins:

Most editors at HarperCollins do not read unsolicited work, so it helps to have an agent. An agent will also have a better idea of which editors and imprints will be receptive to your work. To find out what one HarperCollins editor had to say about their acquisitions process, read an interview with Jeanette Perez.

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