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Getting Your Writing Published -- The Business of Writing

For creative people, the business end of things is often the most difficult. This site provides essential information on getting published, finding an agent or editor, hunting out sources of funding, and dealing with copyright/plagiarism issues.
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What is a Writer's Platform?
While writers are often told to build their platforms as soon as possible, it's not immediately obvious what that means. This article will run down the major components of a solid writer's platform and how to get started building yours.

How to Pitch Your Novel
How to craft and deliver a killer pitch of your novel that will have them begging to read it.

Publish Your Short Stories
The idea of trying to publish your work can be daunting, but it's not hard to make submitting stories part of a writing routine.

Publications for Teen Writers
A number of magazines and journals are seeking work from teens and young adults. Use this list to begin investigating the possibilities.

How to Find a Literary Agent
Though the process of finding a literary agent can be one of the hardest steps in getting a book published, it's also one of the most important. A good agent will help edit your book, get it into the hands of receptive editors, and make sure that you get the best possible deal. So how do you go about this all-important (and time consuming)...

Publishing Company Profiles
When you're ready to get your novel published, you'll probably start at the top, with companies like Random House, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster. It's helpful to know a little bit about the business, even if you plan to have an agent.

Short Story Contests by Month
Stay on top of deadlines with these monthly lists of short story contests, fellowships, and residencies.

Should I Copyright My Work?
Writer often ask whether or not they should copyright their work before sending it out to publishers. Find out if this is necessary or not.

Should You Self Publish?
With the publishing industry ailing, more writers wonder if they should self publish than ever before. Proponents of self publishing claim that this is now a more respectable option because 1) print-on-demand (POD) books can be superior to books…

Funding for Writers
When you're trying to complete a big project, funding can make all the difference. Here you'll find the basics on the major funding opportunities available for writers.

Writing Contest Tips
Most writing contests involve at least two tiers of judging. Preliminary judges whittle down the stack of applications into a manageable group, usually twenty to fifty applications, for the main judges, who then read the applications carefully. The good news is that most entries eliminate themselves in the preliminary phase, either by failing to follow the rules or by careless writing: only a sma…

Literary Journals and Magazines
The first step in getting published is researching the market. Start with these lists of literary journals and magazines, grouped by journal size and age group.

Book Promotion for Creative Writers
In the age of the Internet, writers are much more involved in marketing their books than ever before. Find the methods of self-promotion that fit you best.

Cover Letter Advice
Submitting your work for publication is not that different from applying for a job. You want to put your best, most professional foot forward, starting with your cover letter. Though striking the right tone for this crucial document takes some thought, once you have a template, you can simply adjust it for each …

Writing Scams
How do you evaluate whether or not a writing contest is a writing scam? You can start with the criteria we try to follow when deciding whether or not to add a contest to our calendar. While you may want to be even more selective, these questions will provide a baseline.

Literary Agent FAQs
A good literary agent will help edit your book, get it into the hands of receptive editors, and make sure that you get the best possible deal. How do you go about finding the right agent? Find answers to common questions here.

Query Letter Dos and Don'ts
Your query letter is your one-page chance to win over a literary agent. How can you be sure you're getting it right? This list of dos and don'ts will help you strike the right tone.

Small and Independent Presses
If you think the small press world might be right for you -- or if you're just curious about some of the better presses out there -- these profiles will provide you with background information.

Publishing Advice from Jeanette Perez
Jeanette Perez offers publishing advice culled from her time in the editorial department of HarperCollins Publishers.

Writers' Conferences Advice
An editorial director at Random House Children's Books offers advice on how to present your ideas in a professional way during high-pressure writers' conferences pitch sessions.

Are You Ready to Publish?
Before beginning the publication process, it's important to know whether or not you're ready. These five questions will help evaluate whether or not it's the right time to enter this stage of your writing life.

Short Story Editing Checklist
Before you show your story to anyone, make sure that you've caught at least the obvious spelling and grammar mistakes using this comprehensive editing checklist.

The Rewards of the Publication Process
In spite of the rejection and the work involved, the process of getting published can be rewarding in and of itself. After all, the people who run journals and magazines aren't that different from you and me...

Profile of BookExpo America
BookExpo America, the largest publishing event in North America, brings together thousands of booksellers, librarians, publishers, and authors for three days of talks, panel discussions, and readings. Learn more about the conference, usually held at the end of May in New York City.

Copyright FAQs
As a writer, you want to make sure your work is protected, and you also want to respect others' rights -- and avoid getting sued. What rights do you have under copyright law? What should you avoid doing? The FAQs cover the basic issues writers face vis-a-vis copyright and offer links to the experts.

Where Can I Learn More?
Learn about some of the most reliable sources of copyright information in the United States.

Copyright and Novel Excerpts
Neville wrote in asking, "I was wondering about the copyright ramifications of having a novel excerpt published in a literary journal. Would this mean that it would be more difficult for me to then find a publisher later for the entire novel?"

Versal: An International Literary Journal
The Amsterdam-based literary journal Versal was launched in 2002 by American poet Megan M. Garr, who wanted to foster an international literary community in her chosen home. Learn more about the journal and how to submit to them.

The Truth in Fiction
How do you make fiction read like non-fiction? How can you make your fiction believable? Advice for creative writers.

Thoughts on the MFA
Tips for choosing an MFA program in fiction writing.

Dos and Don'ts of Submitting to a Literary Magazine
How to submit to literary magazines

Interview with fiction writer Sara Lippmann
Interview with author Sara Lippmann on her upcoming book of short stories DOLL PALACE.

So You Call Yourself a Writer?
What makes a person a writer?

Literary Magazine Contests Taking Submissions Now!
June Literary Contest Submissions with $20 and Under Application Fees

Experimental Fiction Magazines
Where should you submit your experimental fiction?

Interview with fiction writer Amy Shearn
Amy Shearn, author of THE MERMAID OF BROOKLYN, talks about writing fiction.

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