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Short Story Writing

Common sense advice on the craft of writing short stories.

Short Story Rules
To be successful, the short story must employ most of the same elements that a novel uses, but in substantially fewer pages. These guidelines will help you pull it off.

Choosing an MFA Program
An MFA program can provide a writer with time and space in which to write, but they can also be uncomfortable places. Some careful consideration can make a big difference in your experience.

Using Photographs to Generate Story Ideas
It's not always easy to come up with ideas for new work. This exercise shows you how to use photographs to get started. Perfect for groups or on your own.

Using Secrets to Get Story Ideas
An exercise for a pair or a group using a game of secrets to generate new ideas for short fiction.

The Truth in Fiction
How do you make fiction read like non-fiction in your short stories? How can you make your fiction believable? Advice for writers.

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