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Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms
There are a lot of terms important to desktop publishing. Some of them aren't actual words but rather letters, abbreviations. Some are need to know. Some are  ...
Desktop Publishing Dictionary of A Terms
Explore the terminology of desktop publishing. These are words and phrases that start with A from the Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing by Jacci Howard ...
Widows & Orphans - Desktop Publishing - About.com
In desktop publishing, widows and orphans are those words or short phrases at the end or beginning of paragraphs that are left to sit alone at the top or bottom ...
Page Layout and Design Dictionary - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Unit of measurement found primarily in newspaper publishing... Share. Desktop Publishing Terminology - # | A | B | C | D | E | ...
Printing Terms - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Get a better understanding of printing processes and finishing techniques with these definitions and lessons. Improve your printing vocabulary.
Dek - Editing and Publishing Terms and Jargon - Media Careers
Dek, like other slang terms editors and copy editors use, is a word you might hear spoken or written on a story, during the editing process, but you would not see ...
Paper Terminology as Used in Desktop Publishing
Exlore the terminology of paper, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials. Learn about paper measurements, paper  ...
Book Publishing Glossary--Words and Terminology Unique to Book ...
Galleys and dummies and coop and BLADs and ARCs... If you're unfamiliar with book publishing terminology, you'll find key definitions here.
Bleed - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms · Prepress Dictionary ... For tutorials on setting bleeds in desktop publishing software, see Bleed ...
Bitmap Image - Glossary of Desktop Publishing Terms
A bitmap is a type of graphic composed of pixels (picture element) in a grid. Each pixel or "bit" contains color information for the image. Bitmap graphics formats ...
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